Thoughts about controlling the yoke on mobile

Having just gotten back behind the controls of a RL GA plane, I’ve realized there’s one very common thing that IF doesn’t allow for. I’m posting this in General as opposed to making a feature request, or support topic, to open a discussion about the idea.

In the Piper, once we’d climbed to our cruise altitude, we trimmed for our cruise speed, adjusted throttle to get close to zero VS, and, here’s the point, we could let the plane basically cruise hands off, only using the yoke for corrections and any turbulence.

When flying in PC sims, with a dedicated joystick, the same overall process works, in the sims that modeled the trim tabs properly.

This seems to be impossible with IF, due to the accelerometer being coupled to the yoke… causing every motion of the phone to make a yoke movement, and thus no hands off unless you switch over to autopilot.

Not a huge thing, but the idea of some way to go ‘hands off’ temporarily would be interesting, at least to me.


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I was flying GA in IF the other day and I use a PS4 controller, which makes for much better handling and I can fly hands off with setting the trim and the throttle. So it works fine for me, just adding my experience to this idea.

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That would take it into that mid range of sim + controller, sure.

Without an external controller, though, the situation is the same.

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Yeah true, if you have a stand is it possible to leave there?

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