Thoughts ? 777-200er

Credit to infinite flight news ♾ Any thoughts??

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Hey. There’s a thread where you can discuss everrything about 20.1. It can be found here: Update 20.1 Development Thread. It will only be opened after new announcements are made as to prevent speculation and heated debate.

It’s definitely a cool aircraft, I myself being a Boeing fan and enthusiast see this rework brilliant due to all the unique features that are being added.

It’s locked and this is a new shot idk why they don’t want to open it.

I just can’t wait!
This is not a WIP!!!
Do the update is too close!!!

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Because they keep making speculations and causing chaos. (Yes, at this time things are getting excited) They lock it because of constant messages, and sooner or later it will reach 5000 or 6000 messages.


There’s your answer ^^^

To elaborate, it became chaos, so it was switched to be only opened after new announcements are made.

Not only that, but to prevent unnecessary messages. But they also discussed other aircraft reworks in that thread and that’s why they had to lock in and out that thread

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So if they want to avoid chaos, don’t communicate…

I mentioned earlier that they should’ve private messaged each other.

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I realize that at this moment things get excited, we make our speculations and this and that. But sometimes it gets out of hand, and the thread keeps getting closed cause of it.

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Please keep discussion limited to the official thread (as mentioned above) or to messages. Speculation has a way of being dispersed as fact and then letting people down. Thanks for helping keep the forum organized :)

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