Thought I'd share updated 11/27/16

So after having this sum for well over two years now. And the installation of live and ATC it has made me finally Persue my like long dream of flying. Tomorrow I will start this new journey I have found a local A&P to both train me for A&P but also train me to fly in exchange for me helping him in his shop. I’m very fortunate to be mechanically inclined as I’m a Marine mechanic already. I will work 1-3 hrs a day for him building up credit for flight time until I finally have the certifications I want to acquire. You probably won’t see me on here as much. But thank you the entire infinite flight community for inspiring this.


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That’s great to hear man! Have a good time!

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This is the type of story that motivate us to work hard on improving Infinite Flight. Thank you and good happy (real) landings!


Took my first flight today flew from takeoff to landing and taxi this was the best experience I’ve ever had. A day I won’t soon forget for sure. I couldn’t get pics while in the air but here’s the bird I flew :)

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Congratulations, this is great!

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IF got me into aviation, but it was an intro flight in a c172 that got me into flying!

It’s great!! The C172 is a great plane to start flying! :)) I also like the DR400!

Wishing you best of luck,

Thought I’d give everyone an update on the progress. It has been a long and excitful adventure so far. I have had the opertunity to mingle with some long time aviators. Took my first solo flight on 1/18/16 what a great experience that was and scary all at the same time. The week after that I did my night and day cross country accompanied with my towered landings. We flew from SGU-HND 3 stop and go’s with tower and then headed back home. 4.4 hrs worth of flying that day. Currently I’m at 22.4 hours flight time half way to the required time for w PPL check ride. The process has been long and tiring but when I’m in the air non of that matters. If you have a goal do anything you can to presue it.


You sir are very smart. Kudos. Very very smart move on your end as a lot of single pilot corporate jobs want you to have an A&P along with your commercial certs.

All the best bud.

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Awesome, and thanks for inspiring us and giving us great motivation to accomplish of what we think is the impossible. If only i could pursue my career in aviation (cant due to personal reasons)

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Thought I’d update you guys a bit more on my progress. Right now I’m 4 hours away from my PPL 👏. Along with that Wednesday I quit my job as a marine service manager to further persue a career in aviation. Starting tomorrow morning I’ll be a full time A&P in training. This past year I have met so many amazing people, and done many amazing things that I couldn’t have imagined before last year. I have been truly blessed with the people that have come into my life. It was a giant leap of faith for me, but one I’m absolutely thrilled about. If your going to have your head in the clouds all day, might as well make that part of your job right? Thank you all for all your support.