Those yellow thingys

This is a Hold short line. In IF most are reversed, but still have the same function
When you are on the dotted side you need permission to cross, eg cross runway xx
Cleared for takeoff runway xx
YOU DO NOT NEED PERMISSION TO CROSS THE PLAIN SIDE it seems everybody knows this except when exiting the runway. You contact ground when on the taxiway. I hope this clears up some confusion.


Is this a tutorial? If so there already is one in the #tutorials category.

I agree and a lot more places has incorrect hold short lines 😁

That it is reversed is probably just a mistake on that specific airport.
Check this out:

It’s more of a friendly reminder. I don’t have time to make a complete tutorial.

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I kept looking. Still never found a correct one to this day.

In IF they are reversed

If you see this, please alert the IFAET so it can be fixed. These airport markings are not supposed to be reversed 😉

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I already saw a comment from an IFAET member saying its on infinite flight issue and that they are done correctly and that the Problem isn’t on the IFAET side.

That be an oldy.

That’s just a rendering issue. It’s something that we the airport editors can’t prevent, we always put them correctly but in IF shows up as reversed in some airports.


Just checked EHAM and some holding short lines are correctly, some are reversed.
So again, issue is not for all holding short lines.

However I thought it was a airport specific issues, but seems like it is mixed.

When you review your work and realize the rendering issue, wouldn’t it be a quick fix to reverse the marking before publication?

K I’ll edit the post thanks for finding that!

They should fix the issue, and not make a work around.
If they do work around and it has been fixed, they have to change all back. = Double work

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This is one of the reworked airports yet the markings are still like this in TTPP…

Seems like it are rendering issue and not placement issue.

eef oof this topic is gonna poof.


Is simply not true!
There is a rendering issue well
known to developers, but it is rare.
To say “in most” is an affront to IFAET end Developers, and only states that the author thinks has seen the world after turning around in his bed at home.

Kind Regards,
a bit annoyed about those generalisations…l

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We’ve covered this. Im not saying It’s IFAET’s fault. Im just saying that they are reversed.

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