Those Pesky Back Seat Flyers

Hey Ya’ll,

Messing around on a cross country in the TBM last night and discovered you can more or less pilot the plane from the view in the backseat.

I love the live cockpit in this thing. With my iPad Pro on High Graphics settings I can fly without the HUD, which is awesome!

Hope you Enjoy!


Backseat Piot|800x600

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I really love the cockpit of the TBM and this of course looks amazing.

Although this category has guidelines to follow. Everything looks good in the Topic itself, except that all controls, HUD and sidebars must be hidden. For this Category you must use the High Resolution Screenshot tool in replay mode, which hides this for you. 👍


Gotta love that live cockpit!

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I did not know there was another screenshot option. That is awesome to know, and I will use that from now on. Thanks!

I fly the XCUB from the back seat. Actually better than I can in the front.😂

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This option is displayed as a camera and the quality of the pictures is up to 4x higher than just a screenshot. 😉

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To be honest I have never viewed one of my replays ha. But now that I know about this feature I will.

The resolution already looks good, but 4x would never hurt. Thanks again.