Thorttle glitch landing

i went on a 8 hour long flight and was trying to do a manual landing and as soon as i hit the ground throttle 100%. I didnt touch the trottle at all and it wasnt even going away and i am pretty sure autopilot disengages when you touchdown so wth is this new problem

I have not seen this before. Are you able to reproduce it on every landing?

Are you using a yoke? I have seen some people map buttons incorrectly which may explain it.

This is my first time, the throttle isnt going back down, i am not using any additional yoke, i tried reduce the throttle but it was fixed and i overrun the runway

Is AP set by chance? Or were you using ATC at the same time?

Did you accidentally click anywhere near the throttle?

This issue happened to me before, not sure why but once I opened the map it went away.

I might have but it wasn’t letting me reduce it was 100% fixed

Ye i had the ap for the speed 140, and it disengaged when i touch down, so idk what happen

I think the best thing is to try to land again and be mindful of the touches and see if it happen again. There are a lot of movements happening all at a short time so sometimes a finger or palm can set things off.

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It would have been very unlikely for myself to set the throttle to 100% because my thumb is usually behind my phone and my palm is always where it is and it never triggers anything, i think this is a one time glitch or smth but yeah i agree

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