Thor_Jensens' ATC tracking thread - Closed @ YMML

Come and join me at YMML :) Need to get more practice.

Hope to see you there :)

Display Name: QVG21-Thor_Jensen

Server: Training Closed

Airport: YMML

Frequencies: Ground and Tower

ATC Ops: 500+

Virtual ATIS: Airport YMML, Landing Runway 34 and 09 , Departing Runway 34 and 09


I saw you now as GND AND TWR I will leave your patterns to you.

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Thank you ✈❤

I left as APP so you have all aircraft under your hands. Good Luck Mate!

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Hi there!
Just a quick feedback from me (OK-ERMIT):

  • On the second pattern you didnt give me landing clearance just sequencing
  • I also felt you didnt know if I’d fit in between the jetstar or not so you did a resequence, which is totally fine but he was 21 miles out :D
  • The turn base command was unnecessary, you should trust the pilot on that
  • After that you just gave me a clearance without sequencing
  • I also noticed that you didnt give the Jetstar a pattern entry which is necessary since he was inbound for landing
  • Lastly you could’ve given the Jetstar a takeoff instead of a hold short since I was still 4 miles out (you can safely give clearances until about 3nm) but it’s not really a mistake, its just about efficiency

Generally you did well but !always! remember the golden rule: pattern entry, sequence, clearance (for inbound aircraft )
For planes in pattern just give them a sequence if needed, then the appropriate clearance and everything is fine :D

Have a great day!


Thank you for the feedback.

It’s really helpful information. Sequencing is the big issue for me, so thanks for giving me the feedback for it so I can work on it.

Have a great day ✈

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I guess the more times I do it, the more comfortable I’ll become. I hope I can show you in the future my improvement.

Thanks again

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