Thomson Boeing 787-8

Boeing 787-8 Thomson

To most users here, Thomson Airways is a worldwide known airline & full of aircraft in its fleet. Happily the B787-8 is part of that fleet and I personally belive it should be part of the Infinite Flight Fleet!


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  • It’s nice, good family addition
  • This is the most unnecessary livery

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I like it because the livery makes the plane look even fatter.


Well said, it’s such a chubby child

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Thompson = TUI. Just like several others.
The TUI aircraft in the Netherlands have already been repainted. It now says TUI on the tail AND on the body.

Nice picture, but please remove it. One picture per Feature request.

THOMSON and ARKE are the same and have been replaced by TUI.
So the feature request should be for the TUI livery.

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It’s for the whole request, sorry Jan.

The request is directed to the livery for the B787. If I had two pictures it would be a violation. If it was directed to the B787 100% and I had two pictures it would be a violation…

TUI is their parent company. Whilst yes they are going to be TUI jets, they currently are not, and this is a nice livery.

It is a nice livery! Bright and blue! :) Just like the TUI livery, but with different letters! ;)

Every aircraft going in for servicing will be repainted.
Why not invest in the current, and for some aircraft soon to be, livery?
It’s not like old and new United liveries. It’s a name change for marketing purposes.

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Yep, but it’s Thomson Airways.

I love it. This needs to be added when the 787 gets updated.

bringing this back up.
This livery will be added for sure, it’s amazing

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Yeah love body, views how the waves. 👍🏼🏄🏼🌊

It has a smiley face. So I support your request.

TUi is confirmed! Close enough…

Still want this livery thought, it looks better with the Thomson tilte :)

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I agree. But I’m not gonna complain about TUi being added! :)

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