ThomasThePro's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

That troll 🤦‍♂️

Alright, I have some feedback.

Air Canada should have never been cleared for takeoff on 20L, that runway is barely long enough for a TBM.

jetBlue should have been denied entry, the max is a 757 at SNA.

Just general knowledge of the airport, which is understandable since it is not your home airport.

Great job catching my crossing of the hold short by the way.

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This guy was a troll. He pushback into runway crossed it with my permission under 10 sec.

The JetBlue never got to him as I left. Keep that for next time

Will open again same airport around 2020-03-19T03:30:00Z @Thunderbolt

Would anybody be available right now?

Has anyone become available?

I’ll fly in from Yuma

Are you controlling?

No one is controlling right now.

Come by @MMMX for some patterns! :D

@MMMX Closed. Nobody came! :(


Going open @PHOG 2020-03-19T19:00:00Z . Get ready and Come By!

OPEN @PHOG. Come by!

OPEN @KMIA come by! :D


Closed. Need more people to come please! :(

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