ThomasR | ATC Tracking Thread: Closed

Airport: KONT

Server: TS

My goal: I want to improve and expand on my knowledge of ATC. I want to ensure I have an expert knowledge and understanding of ATC.

Feedback: I value any feedback given to me, please leave all feedback whether it would be major or minor below so I can build on my skills.

Hope to see you at one of my openings!


Currently open at KSSC. Come fly some patterns.

EDIT: Closed now. Thanks all for coming!


Nothing from me, you would have been perfect if you told whoever was holding short of 22L to back taxi. You corrected it though. 👍

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Thanks for coming @Trio :) yeah, I picked up on the back taxi, forgot he was a KC10.


Now open at KSSC! Come fly

Edit: Closed

Now open again at LEPA. Come fly or do some patterns :)

Edit: have to close as something came up

KPHX is now open. Come fly.

Edit: Now Closed

Now open at KSSC (Shaw Afb) come and fly!
Now closed: Thanks all

Now open at EKCH come fly!

Edit: Now closed. Thanks all

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Just departed out as EasyJet 724. Nice job man! Good ATC skills! Better then mine haha

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Thanks for coming along.

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You did not give Scandinavian pattern entry. You only cleared him number one to land

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Yep, sorry my bad I realised🤦‍♂️. Thanks for coming by Tom!

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Now open at KSSC. Feel free to pass by and do some patterns.

Hello there! How long will you be running your ATC service form as I will be available to come down in about 30-35 mins?

Hi. My phone just ran out :( so I won’t be open anymore.

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Oh, that’s sad. ;(

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Now open at KSSC. Feel free to pass by.

What server ? I’d love to join

It’s on the training server.