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Okay, will do that next time. Thanks a lot!

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I’m not sure about training server but for us, there is a “Do not taxi through grass”

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Hey! I found this awesome video to watch, it tells you all about pattern work and transitions and stuff, I’m using this to study so I can become an air traffic controller myself!

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Okay, I sure will study it and try to remember these things when controlling. Again, thank you!

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I’m open at KSMF

I’ll come by just give me 5 minutes to set up my joystick!

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Some serious problems.

  1. You are too slow to give commands
  2. When I requested to takeoff and remain in pattern you gave no left or right traffic direction instead clearing me only.
  3. When requesting a runway change you took too long and I was already way out from the airfield and you only said number one not enter left downwind as you should of.

I realized my mistake after I cleared you. Before I could correct it you logged off.

You should of on takeoff told me to hold position and re clear me to takeoff and make right traffic

You mean after you tookoff, re clear you? Shouldn’t I have told you to turn left downwind since you requested the runway change to 16L?

That too but when I originally took off all you said was “QVG547 cleared for takeoff” if I request pattern work you either say unable or make left or right traffic

Ok. That’s why I’m practicing.

Well it was a good second attempt however there are some things you need to polish up.

  • Bit quicker with the commands on the ground
  • On takeoff as I stated Remaining in the Pattern you need to say Make Right or left traffic.
  • You could possibly give me the clearer for the option earlier on so then you don’t have to remember to give it to me (in busy conditions)
  • When I exited the runway there is no need to ask me my intentions as I was exited the runway and stoping to turn of lights and change frequency.
    *Also if you make a slight mistake with the wrong message please use the correction tab as this will get rid of any confusion.

Other than that you were good. I’ll try come by next time!

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Thank you for the feedback, I really appreciate it! See you next time.

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