ThomasFly's ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ N/A

Open @ KBNA.
Please let me know how I’m doing!

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I’ll join in in less then 10 minutes :)

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Great, thank you.

I’m coming.

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Meh… Might pass for a few…


I’m going to drop down for a touch n go at KMOY and back up for a transition ( after this next touch n go)

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Come on, don’t be those guys who use fighter jets for a first time. Let the trainee start with some smaller planes and gradually move on.

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I came for a little bit.



  • Prompt response with commands


  • I taxied through grass and you failed to notice it
  • No traffic direction given with takeoff clearance
  • No sequencing
  • No cleared for the option/landing clearance

Overall, I feel that you should definitely continue to practice, and using a thread like this is the right way to do so!

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Great! Thanks for all the help.

Alright, so when someone requests pattern work, you give them either left traffic or right traffic which indicates the direction for circuits/going around the airport to land again for touch and go.

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Got it, thank you.

Okay so a few questions… Have you read the IFATC public manual and have you read/seen any ATC tutorials?

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Good afternoon, Sorry If I’m going to point out some of the things said before by other users.

a) Lacks of pattern instruction, and the use of “left traffic / right traffic” command for those who are staying in the pattern.
b) I requested a touch & go and you gave me a “cleared to land” command, the correct command would be “cleared for the option”. This command allows the pilot to land or preform a touch and go.
c) I would recommend learning how to use the sequencing command. I was behind GREENDAY, the sequencing command would of instructed me to follow him and stay behind him. Additionally, you instructed me to turn onto right base when I was hundreds of feets away from him.

Have a good day, goodluck with your ATC journey!


Thanks for the help and feedback. I’ll make sure I read the tutorials and try to implement the right procedures in from now on. Much appreciated!

Ok So I got some Feedback

  • No sequencing at the beginning
  • On takeoff or touch and go you would clear my takeoff with left or right pattern which would say which side of the runway I’d use.
  • When I transitioned, you cleared it for 10000ft which is pretty high, usually it would be at a minimum of 2000ft AGL or 3000ft.
  • If you didn’t know what a transition is, it is a Passover over an airport.
  • You cleared me for landing when I was transitioning which I hadn’t requested. I was also commanded to go around when I was on Right crosswind
  • You told me that I was number 2 for runway 20R when no aircraft were ahead of me
  • You told the F-22 to enter right base runway 20R when I was on right base already, (you should’ve made him go land on 20C for spacing
  • I was told to contact ground after exiting the taxiway which should’ve been told a little bit earlier
  • I requested a touch and go and I was not given the option in which I was cleared to land.

On the positive side

  • You were quick in response
  • You learned from your mistakes halfway through and started using sequences
  • You made a perfect Parallel approach with the F22 and the Airbus
  • You were good with the ground frequency

-GREENDAY (ItsBlitz)
Good Luck for the Future!


I Really appreciate all of your help and patience! I’ll try and improve in the future, thank you!

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Thank you for all your help and patience!

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Quick question, what response should I have given when you taxied through the grass? Thank you kindly for the feedback!

You could’ve when to Misc Messages and clicked “This is not a Taxiway”

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