Thomas_Cunningham's ATC Tracking Thread - [OPEN] @ EGCC

I’m going to continue from here.

KSFO GTS open on Expert!

Wind: 03003KT
Departing Runways: 1L, 1R
Landing Runways: 28L, 28R


  • if you plan to do patterns, expect the 28s.
  • SSTIK5 DEP - 1L
  • TRUKN2 DEP - 1R
  • as always, be respectful to ATC and to other pilots.

Hope to see you there!

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Hello, airports with 2 parallel runways are the ones that are highly recommended for pattern work. KBOI, KRDU, KJAC ,KAUS, WSSS and many more are great for pattern work

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Thank you very much for the list! I agree that SFO doesn’t have a great layout when it comes to patternwork, so I’ll be sure to check out the list next time I open!

I would love to help! As @Jesus_Gutierrez said above, try to avoid sfo because it has intersecting runways and is a popular hub for “pilots” on the training server 😂. Please @ me the next time you open!


I’ll be sure to tag you!

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Still controlling? I can stop by.

If that’s you still there, I notice your IFC name is not showing in the ATC display. It just says “Controller”. It would be better to change your settings so we see your name.

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@Thomas_Cunningham just to confirm, you’re already in IFATC correct? Just curious as it appears there’s some confusion above. 😅

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Holy cow I just realized I forgot to set the tag to show… Sorry about that y’all. I just closed down btw

Edit: I do have my tag on… so I’m not sure what went on… And yes I am in IFATC already.


I just did an inbound and T/G. Was that you in Tower. If so, you gave clearance before pattern entry which is backwards. Also a few other mistakes. If it was you, thanks for the ATC.

I didn’t know you could have a tracking thread when you were already in IFATC, haha. Also, this:

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@David_Mullen were you the F-16? If so, sorry about that.

Nope. TBM call sign N76VT.

I see. That wasn’t me.

OK. I figured not. Please change OPEN to CLOSED as soon as you close your sessions. You had me doing unnecessary flying. No big deal.

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I don’t recall seeing a TBM come in for patterns, so I’m confused as well

What server were you on?

Expert server

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@David_Mullen what server were you on?

OK. I was on Training. So, you need to put RADAR in your tracking thread title if you are already in IFATC and are doing radar sessions.