Thomas_Cunningham's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Seeing as I can’t edit the thread name anymore, I’ve decided to create a new one!

Starting from where I left off, I’m open at Palo Alto, CA!
Note: KPAO is a GA airport only. All jet aircraft are strictly prohibited.

Ground and Tower Frequencies are Online–TS

Departing Runway: 31
Landing Runway: 31

Additional Information:
-Only make left traffic for Runway 31. Making right traffic may cause conflicts with other aircraft in the area.
-Wind as of 2047Z is 350@14KT; however this is outdated.
-Please don’t contact Tower if you are approaching any other airport, either tune into unicom or another frequency.

See you there!


Closed now! There was no traffic so I think Infinite Flight just ended the session

Hey! don’t forget to update your ATC thread when closed! And feel free to tag me, I will do my best to stop by (:

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Tag me next time you open

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I will be sure to tag you both!

Open at San Francisco, California!

Ground and tower frequencies open on TS

Departing Runways: 1L, 1R, and 28L
Landing Runways: 28L, and 28R

-If you are assigned 1R, either use the taxiway behind 1L and make the first left, or cross both 1L and 1R and turn right onto the parallel taxiway
-Only aircraft up the the size of the 777-200ER will be allowed onto 1R
-Please don’t be a troll. No one likes those.

See you there!
@FN60fps @VixenKasai

Closed now!

Hello, tag me next time you open, I’ll try to swing by!

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Open at Miami International on TS!

Ground and Tower Frequencies open

Landing Runways: 9, 12, and 8L
Departing Runways: 9, 8L, and 8R

Notes: nothing else to say, so see you there!

@BT_HANDLES @VixenKasai @FN60fps

Closed down now, due to a troll and bad wifi. @VixenKasai sorry about losing my connection.

Open at Copenhagen Airport (Kastrup)!

Ground/Tower frequencies open at EKCH on TS

Departing Runways: 12, 22L, 22R
Landing Runways: 22L, 22R

Wind (as of 0820Z): 150@13KT

- All heavy traffic will be sent to 22R, while smaller and GA aircraft will be sent to either 22L or 12.
- No parallel approaches will be authorized to 22L/R due to little separation between the runways.
- I expect to be open for about 45 minutes to 1 hour.
- Once again, please don’t be a troll. Absolutely no one likes those.

See you there!
@BT_HANDLES @VixenKasai @FN60fps

Apologies for leaving so soon, it’s very late here

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No worries!

Hello, unfortunately, I could not make it. Please don’t forget to update the title of your thread when you close.

No problem! And thank you for reminding me to do so!

Open at Sint Maarten - Princess Juliana!

Ground/Tower frequencies open at TNCM on TS

Departing Runway: 10
Landing Runway: 10


  • After departure please make a right hand turn to avoid terrain in front of 28.
  • Instrument procedures are recommended.
  • After landing either turn left onto the taxiway or backtrack the runway.
  • Please don’t troll. No one likes a troll, go on CS to play around instead.

Hope to see you there!

Closed after 45 minutes, thanks to all the pilots who came!

Open at St. Louis International Airport!

Ground and Tower services open at STL on TS

Departing Runways: 30L, 30R, 24
Landing Runways: 30R, 29, 24

Nothing to say, just don’t troll around and be respectful to other pilots.

See you there!

Closed now!

Open at Providence, Rhode Island!

Ground and Tower frequencies online at KPVD on Training Server

Departing Runways: 16 and 23
Landing Runway: 23


  • Runway 16 is used for light traffic only.

Hope to see you there!