Thomas_Cunningham's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N / A

Seeing as I can’t edit the thread name anymore, I’ve decided to create a new one!

Starting from where I left off, I’m open at Palo Alto, CA!
Note: KPAO is a GA airport only. All jet aircraft are strictly prohibited.

Ground and Tower Frequencies are Online–TS

Departing Runway: 31
Landing Runway: 31

Additional Information:
-Only make left traffic for Runway 31. Making right traffic may cause conflicts with other aircraft in the area.
-Wind as of 2047Z is 350@14KT; however this is outdated.
-Please don’t contact Tower if you are approaching any other airport, either tune into unicom or another frequency.

See you there!


Closed now! There was no traffic so I think Infinite Flight just ended the session

Hey! don’t forget to update your ATC thread when closed! And feel free to tag me, I will do my best to stop by (:

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Tag me next time you open

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I will be sure to tag you both!

Open at San Francisco, California!

Ground and tower frequencies open on TS

Departing Runways: 1L, 1R, and 28L
Landing Runways: 28L, and 28R

-If you are assigned 1R, either use the taxiway behind 1L and make the first left, or cross both 1L and 1R and turn right onto the parallel taxiway
-Only aircraft up the the size of the 777-200ER will be allowed onto 1R
-Please don’t be a troll. No one likes those.

See you there!
@FN60fps @VixenKasai

Closed now!

Hello, tag me next time you open, I’ll try to swing by!

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Open at Miami International on TS!

Ground and Tower Frequencies open

Landing Runways: 9, 12, and 8L
Departing Runways: 9, 8L, and 8R

Notes: nothing else to say, so see you there!

@BT_HANDLES @VixenKasai @FN60fps

Closed down now, due to a troll and bad wifi. @VixenKasai sorry about losing my connection.