Thomas_Cunningham's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Feedback from Delta911:

Excellent work leading up to the 1st pattern and during the 1st pattern.


2nd pattern I got no sequence (if was required) and no clearance for the option.

3rd pattern i got no sequence (if required) and no clearance for the option

I tried to report my position to let you know that i wasn’t cleared.

Late Runway exit command

Make sure when Back Taxi is in effect that the aircraft MUST be allowed to back taxi in order to get off the Runway, when you told me to LUAW Rwy 23 was incorrect, I needed a back Taxi Rwy 5.

Missed Go around, considering I needed to back taxi off the Rwy the aircraft on short final needed to have been told to go around because the aircraft is expected to taxi at normal taxi speeds.

Any questions?

My Dms are always open if you need me (on here or discord)!

Thanks for the service!




Hi! Thank you for the feedback, I appreciate it! Thanks for coming to Davao!

The reason I didn’t clear you for the option was because a few months ago, when I was controlling SAN, I received a dm from one of the people who was there, saying that I don’t need to repeatedly clear pilots for the option. So I should clear people for the option and sequence after each pattern?


Yes, this is correct.


Hi there,

Here is OK-Yeah’s feedback

✅ Nice back taxi with line up and wait…same here…6O-SMA was far enough…no need to expedite in my. case;

⚠️ [23:03:06]: You cleared me as #3 for the option… You have to sequence me before because in that case, I was not #1… Should have been… #3 behind traffic on right downwind (Delta 911)

✅ [23:04:52]: here is the good thing to do… sequence me as #2 (I was #3 before tho)

⚠️ But you forgot to clear me with traffic direction to take after instead of giving me pattern entry while I’m on upwind. Would have been easier and clearer…

⚠️ After you entered me right downwind, I didn’t received any sequence nor clearance… I should have received… #2 behind traffic on final… I waited until established on base [23:11:56] and received a Roger [23:12:05] instead of late clearance for option…

⚠️[23:12:12]: No need to give me speed at my discretion…at that point on final, it is clearly the case 😂😉

⚠️[23:12:37]: When a pilot calls for a missed approach, it is better to give him a go around with direction. Your pattern instruction did the job tho… (@BT_HANDLES @VibrantPixel @Michael_Sides1 can you double check and confirm this one please?)

✅ [23:13:24]: Nice clearance for option…was sequenced after my missed approach …good

🚨[23:19:40]: I reported on final to warn you… The runway was not free for me since Delta 911 was using it for its back taxi… I should have received a go around on that… This is very important since it is an fail on practical if you miss that.

✅ Good exit command nice speed…

Keep up the good work!! Hope this helps

Ping me when you open. It was a pleasure to fly on your freqs, thanks for the service…


Feel free to DM me here or discord as well


Yes, you must give them G/A command after executing missed approach.


Open at KDCA!

Current wind: 170@10

Departing runways: 19, 15
Landing runway: 19
(Only light aircraft allowed on Runway 15)

AIRCRAFT RESTRICTIONS: All aircraft larger than the A321/757 are not allowed here. Divert to IAD or some other suitable airport.

APPROACH PROCEDURES are recommended for arrivals into Runway 19:

  • H19
  • X19-Z

Will be open until 3:15 PM Pacific Standard Time.

Wind update: 180@10
Wind update: 190@10

Thomas thank you for the service.
Feedback for you

  • when i called in for touch and go, you should clear me for the option with traffic direction “make right traffic”
  • on second pattern i called inbound for landing, in this case you would clear me to land, not for option.
  • i was on final and you cleared Duece #1 for option when he should have been #2.

Thanks again

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Thank you for the feedback! @Hogwyld

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Attention all aircraft, I have closed down for today! Thx to all the concerned pilots for realism and professionalism.

Remember to change your title so that people know it’s closed! Also feel free to tag me next time you open up

Good luck joining IFATC :)! I wish you all the best

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@AviationFlyer ooh yeah I should do that, ty for reminding me

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