Thomas Cook Virtual Thread 2022

This is great, just applied for Vice President of Airline Operations hopefully I get it!

Sent you a PM!

Hi there, everyone!

Quick bump to let everyone know we have resolved the issue with our CC and will be re-opening pilot applications shortly.

That being said, we are in extreme need of staff! Check out our available positions page here! We look forward to meeting you all soon!

Chief Executive Officer
Thomas Cook Virtual

Seems interesting! Might apply when apps are up!

Hello, we are still waiting for the TCXVA applications, any updates?

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Hi there!

We’re having technical issues with our application system; hoping to have them resolved by the end of the month.

(At which point they will open.)

See you soon!

Chief Executive Officer
Thomas Cook Virtual


Really hope you guys can get the issue sorted and have apps open again.

TUI Virtual Group

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Quick Bump – We’re still hiring! Check out our available roles above.


Chief Executive Officer
Thomas Cook Virtual

Just re-applied. Hope you see my application and can have a chat soon.

Cheers :)

Hey there, @FlightSimMedia !

I’ve sent you a PM, please check it at your earliest convenience for more information!

Kind regards,

Jericho Walker
Thomas Cook Virtual
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Dear IFC,

Those of you following along for the ride, I’d like to give a warm welcome to @FlightSimMedia as our new Events Manager! We are so excited to work with you here at Thomas Cook Virtual and can’t wait to see all the new heights the VA can reach working with you.

With this new addition to our team, we are almost ready to release Pilot applications! We’re just working on spot checking some permissions in our server and getting situated properly. Many staff positions are still vacant, though, so check our our IFVARB Hiring Page for Thomas Cook Virtual!


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Thanks for having me.

I’m so excited for our journey and we will only grow bigger and better.

Here’s to the future 😃

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Thomas Cook Virtual - Join Us!

Hey there, Pilot!

Have you been waiting for the opportunity to join Thomas Cook Virtual as a Pilot? Just finding this thread for the first time and learning your way around?

Thomas Cook Virtual welcomes you! We have officially opened our pilot applications which are available to anyone meeting the following requirements:

Minimum Age Requirement: 13
Minimum IF Grade: 2
Activity Requirement: 1 Flight Per Month

Apply Here Today!

We can’t wait to see all the places we can fly with you.

Sky’s the limit,

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