Thomas Cook Virtual Thread 2022

Welcome to Thomas Cook Virtual!


Welcome to the launch thread of the new Thomas Cook Virtual.

Thomas Cook was one of the UK’s largest travel companies, with a history stretching back over 180 years. Up until 2019, the holiday company operated Thomas Cook Airlines. We hope to continue their legacy within Infinite Flight.

With a diverse fleet and routes, Thomas Cook Virtual offers you a unique chance to join a VA where every flight can take you somewhere new. With flights from 10 hubs and bases across the UK to destinations across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas, the world really is yours to explore at TCXVA.


As you progress through the ranks at TCXVA, you will earn the opportunity to fly more members of our diverse fleet.

Our Fleet

Airbus A320

Required rank: Cadet

Airbus A321

Required rank: Trainee

Airbus A330-300

Required rank: Captain

Boeing 757-200

Required rank: First Officer

Boeing 767-300

Required rank: Senior First Officer

At Thomas Cook Virtual, the world really is yours to explore!

Operating out of 10 airports in the UK, TCXVA flies to destinations all across Europe, North and Central America, Africa, Asia and the Caribbean.

Long Haul Bases

Manchester (EGCC) **

London Gatwick (EGKK) **

Short Haul Bases

Belfast (EGAA)

Birmingham (EGBB)

Bristol (EGGD) **

Cardiff (EGFF)

East Midlands (EGNX)

Glasgow (EGPF)

London Stansted (EGSS) **

Newcastle (EGNT)

** = 3D Airport

Full route maps

Hubs & Bases
Short Haul Destinations
Long Haul Destinations

To maintain standards and reward effort we have a rank system which allows you to unlock more routes and aircraft as you progress at TCXVA.

Our Crew Center provides you with a place to file PIREPS and log your hours at TCXVA, it also contains a list of the routes available.

Message from the CEO

Hello, Infinite Flight Community, and welcome to the Official Thread for Thomas Cook Virtual!
We really appreciate your interest in our VA, and hope to see you in the skies with us soon.

TCXVA has so much to offer, so why not go to our website to find out even more.

President, Thomas Cook Virtual

Our Staff Team
President @Jericho
Vice President @Raeyn
Vice President @RVLegacy
Graphic Design Manager @Elliot_003

If you meet these requirements and want to be part of the team, we’d love to have you onboard!

Minimum Age Requirement 13
Minimum IF Grade Grade 2
Activity Requirement 1 Flight per month

We also require pilots to have a valid pro subscription, and while not mandatory, access to discord is ideal.

You can find our application form here.

See you soon!


Congratulations on your approval and what a lovely thread! We are happy to be a partner of your VA!

We wish you all the best with your VA.


Will the routes offered include “legacy routes” (routes that are no longer run) to airports like Doncaster Sheffield Airport?

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This is something we may consider in the future!

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congrats on the approval and what a lovely thread! glad to be a member of this VA


So proud of everything the team has done so far and will do in the future

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We wouldn’t be here without you and all the staff team 🙌

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So thankful to be a part of this amazing VA! Can’t wait to see the heights we fly to.

Jericho, HR Manager, TCXVA


Will be applying for this very soon. I only have a few more landings to complete before reaching Grade 3. Can’t wait to be part of this VA and one of my favourite Airlines!

Welcome aboard!

We’ve recently undergone a change in ownership.

@Raeyn has stepped down from the position of CEO and President. @Jericho has stepped up to the role.

We would like to thank @Raeyn for his endearing service and dedication to the foundations of our amazing Virtual Airline. He will be remaining on as a Vice President.

We also wish the best of luck to @Jericho in his tenure as CEO and President.

Looking forward to seeing you all in the skies!

Thomas Cook Virtual


Are you now Condor virtual or are you still Thomas cook

Hey @Ted_Costello-Krakows ,

We’re still operating under Thomas Cook Virtual.


Thomas Cook Virtual

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Thank you for clearing that up sorry for the misunderstanding

I applied but no response