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Chief Executive Officers Welcome

Firstly, Welcome to Thomas Cook Virtual Airlines; a brand new Virtual Airline for the community of Infinite Flight. As CEO I am extremely excited in welcoming many of you into the VA. TCVA has lots to offer to our Pilots. We are made up of 4 airlines (Thomas Cook UK, Condor, TC Balearic’s and Thomas Cook Scandinavia) so we have over 1000 routes on offer all across the world. We are new Virtual Airline so still learning and we cannot do this without you, the pilots! Please feel free to look through the feed and Iook forward to seeing your applications.

Oscar J Shaw, Thomas Cook Group Virtual Airlines, CEO and President


Our Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Our Virtual Airline is extremely unique and stands out from the crowd. Thomas Cook’s goal is to make everyone’s holiday a dream come true beginning with their flight. We strive to be the best Charter Airline in the Virtual Aviation industry. Staff and Passengers are the core of the VA’s operation and are what make us. We promise to be Quality, Serve and be Reliable. We are ONE Thomas Cook and put our Sunny Heart into everything.


Our Staff Team

At Thomas Cook we strive to be the friendliest Staff team and want our VA to be a flying family built around the Sunny Heart. We are always the first point of contact for new pilots and strive to make them feel they are a part of the VA. Thinking of becoming staff? Just contact us as we might have a vacancy, or just look below!

Our Staff Team

Current Staff

Our Vacancies - Please PM this page or @15shawo for more information!

Current Vacancies
  • Chief Pilot - Must be Grade 3 or above and have extremely good knowledge of the Infinite Flight Standards. The Chief Pilot is a senior role so a second interview with the CEO is required.

  • Human Resources Executive - Grade 3 Minimum and previous VA staff experience.

  • Website Executive - Good Knowledge of vaBase and editing php to keep the website to an extremely high standard!

Staff Application Form


Rank And Structure

Hours Rank Available Liveries and Aircraft
0 Hours Cadet A320
2 Hours Second Officer A320 Codeshare Routes: Swiss A319/20
5 Hours First Officer A320, A321, Codeshare Routes: Swiss A321
15 Hours SFO All above aircraft
30 Hours Junior Captain All above aircraft including Boeing 757-200 for Medium-Haul routes (TUI B752)
50 Hours Captain All above aircraft including Boeing 767-300 and Airbus A330 for selected MT and Condor routes Codeshare Routes TUI B787-9/8, TUI B763, Swiss 777, A330
95 Hours Senior Captain All above Aircraft
120 Hours Advanced Senior Captain All above aircraft
170 Hours Commander All above aircraft including Condor DC-10 on any Long Haul Route


Our Fleet and Destinations

Thomas Cook Virtual operate a wide range Airbus and Boeing fleet with a codeshare fleet coming in the very near future. We like to give our Pilots the realism of an Airline so we will only use real-life Thomas Cook Schedules which are updated frequently. Thomas Cook Virtual flies all over the world, with many routes between the UK and America.

Codeshare Agreements

TUI Virtual Airways @TuiVirtual

Swiss International Virtual Airlines @SuisseVirtual

Our Destinations

Our Fleet


Become a Thomas Cook Virtual Airlines Pilot Today!

Pilots applying to join Thomas Cook Virtual Airlines are required to complete an application before joining. We want to make sure our VA is kept professional so we operate fairly strict Entry Requirements. Our entry requirements are listed below and we ask that you read these before submitting your application.

Our Entry Requirements are located on the joining page, by joining TCVA you agree to these requirements.

Apply Today By Clicking Here!

Visit our Instagram! @thomascookvirtual.if


Looking good guys! Love the thread.

Wish you all the best in the future!


Thank You!


Nice thread guys!!!
It’s nice to see a new British tourist airline in the VA industry, I wish good luck to you!


We can’t wait to start flying around the World!

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Did you leave out Thomas Cook Scandinavia? That is a pretty large part of the real Thomas Cook…

With flights from Luleå, Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Helsinki, Bergen, Stavanger, Bodø, Tromsø and Trondheim

A major part of the fleet is registered in Denmark


Dont forget my beloved Örebro ;)
Would be awesome if you could add Thomas Cook Scandinavia


Thomas Cook Scandinavia is being added in due course! We are currently on English and German routes and will hopefully be adding Condor and Scandinavia next month!

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Looks good wish you guys the best 👍🏽

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We will be adding more routes very soon! If the routes are in demand by our Pilots this may happen sooner 😉

Thanks! Good luck guys!

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Best of luck to you! There is currently loads of new VA’s! I think your ranking system at the start was a bit too generous 😂

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We like to be generous here at Thomas Cook! But any feedback is happily taken on board! Just let us know on PM!

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I’d love to join, as I’m from the UK, but when you’re CEO of a VA (this is delayed for the time being due to copyright, will not be launched for a while to let the other VA kick in), COO of another, events manager for many…😂 (not actually staff, just help with making events and databases.)

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We would love to have you on board!

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We have a number of Vacancies please apply by emailing us at or simply PM us! You can view the vacancies in the thread!

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Nice looking VA. Hopefully my application has gone through


Great thread! Hit me up if you want me to help you out on the logo, so it says Virtual too.

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Say Hello to TUI x Thomas Cook Virtual as we introduce codeshare routes next week!

We like to give our Pilots variety here at Thomas Cook so we’ve teamed up with TUI to extend our fleet and routes even further!

Why not join the UK Charter Airlines today! We can’t wait for our codeshares to go live!


Cannot wait for the codeshares to go live 😁