Thomas Cook Virtual | Carrying on the Amazing Legacy | OPERATIONS CEASED



Chief Executive Officers Welcome

Firstly, Welcome to Thomas Cook Virtual Airlines; a brand new Virtual Airline for the community of Infinite Flight. As CEO I am extremely excited in welcoming many of you into the VA. TCVA has lots to offer to our Pilots. We are made up of 4 airlines (Thomas Cook UK, Condor, TC Balearic’s and Thomas Cook Scandinavia) so we have over 1000 routes on offer all across the world. We are new Virtual Airline so still learning and we cannot do this without you, the pilots! Please feel free to look through the feed and Iook forward to seeing your applications.

Oscar J Shaw, Thomas Cook Group Virtual Airlines, CEO and President


Our Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Our Virtual Airline is extremely unique and stands out from the crowd. Thomas Cook’s goal is to make everyone’s holiday a dream come true beginning with their flight. We strive to be the best Charter Airline in the Virtual Aviation industry. Staff and Passengers are the core of the VA’s operation and are what make us. We promise to be Quality, Serve and be Reliable. We are ONE Thomas Cook and put our Sunny Heart into everything.


Our Staff Team

At Thomas Cook we strive to be the friendliest Staff team and want our VA to be a flying family built around the Sunny Heart. We are always the first point of contact for new pilots and strive to make them feel they are a part of the VA. Thinking of becoming staff? Just contact us as we might have a vacancy, or just look below!

Our Staff Team

Chief Executive Officer - N/A
Chief Pilot - N/A
Events and Publicity Officer - N/A
Website Executive - N/A
Chief Operations Officer - N/A
Training Officer - N/A
Pilot Manager - N/A
Human Resources Manager - N/A
Information Manager - N/A

If you are interested in any of the roles, just contact our CEO we are a friendly team from all corners of the world which means we are available 24/7 for a chat! Just let us know!

Rank And Structure

Hours Rank Available Liveries and Aircraft
0 Hours Cadet A320
2 Hours Second Officer A320
5 Hours First Officer A320, A321
15 Hours SFO All above aircraft
30 Hours Junior Captain All above aircraft including Boeing 757-200 for Medium-Haul routes
50 Hours Captain All above aircraft including Boeing 767-300 and Airbus A330 for selected MT and Condor routes
95 Hours Senior Captain All above Aircraft
120 Hours Advanced Senior Captain All above aircraft
170 Hours Commander All above aircraft including Condor DC-10 on any Long Haul Route


Our Fleet and Destinations

Thomas Cook Virtual operate a wide range Airbus and Boeing fleet with a codeshare fleet coming in the very near future. We like to give our Pilots the realism of an Airline so we will only use real-life Thomas Cook Schedules which are updated frequently. Thomas Cook Virtual flies all over the world, with many routes between the UK and America


Great airline with a promising future!


Thomas Cook Virtual Airlines will be inactive from December 1st 2019.

This is with deep regret as much hard work has gone into this VA but it is not paying off.

I would like to add a personal thank you to all for your hard work. The website will be inactive from December 1st and this slack will be deactivated a few weeks after so there will still be a chance for some discussion before we completely close.

Thank You,
Thomas Cook Group Virtual Airlines


So sad to see this VA go. So much hard work was put into making it.
Hopefully it returns in the future!

Farewell @ThomasCookVirtual!


Sorry to see this go.
Good luck in the future

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Sad to see you guys ceasing operations…😢
Maybe we’ll see you back in the future (hopefully)

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Hopefully we will be back. Thanks.

RIP. It was just like the RW Airline, was amazing and all of a sudden suspended ops.


Very sorry to hear this! You launched and soon afterwards the IRL airline went downhill.

Hopefully we see you back (e.g. with a Condor VA)

For so long all the very best!


Quick message from me,
I would like to thank anyone that applied, flew for us and were staff. This is the beginning of the end in around 14hours our Vabase will go offline. Enjoy your lives. Enjoy your flights and most importantly remember the yellow heart in the virtual skies and real one.

Events and Publicty manager


So if someone else wanted to start @ThomasCookVirtual they would have to reapply

Not the place to ask, but yes.

How come your closing down?


It doesn’t say in there it says they may close down but not why

“This is with deep regret as much hard work has gone into this VA but it is not paying off.”

Oh right that’s so sad sorry to hear guys. I would join and try my best to get this boy active again but I don’t have pro

The VaBase website will be shut down later today.

Congratulations 🎊🎉🍾

I hope that the airline goes in a good way, remembering the legacy of Thomas Cook 🤩

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Filed for bankruptcy