Thomas Cook Virtual Airline V2

This is the OFFICAL Thomas Cook va thread.

We are currently reviving our old va into a new one where we are active. The reason for this is that we were once a decent sized va but things took a wrong turn so now we are coming back and with more enthusiasm as ever. As I am now the owner of the va I am taking a new aproach at this struggle wich is organising a va. If you would like to join us you are very welcome.
This is our website (Work In Progress)

Thank you for taking the time to check out our va :)
Happy flying



I did join the old Thomas Cook VA. Sorry I can’t join you for the event, my Live has run out


That’s ok. There will probs be a video of the event recorded


Would you liked an event organizer??
Also if you need pictures made of your events to advert them…just check IFPM’s website and submit a form asking for help :)

-508 (CEO of IFPM)


Coming too please answer my request to join but coming and love Thomas airlines love flying and thanks Lego for making this happen and Madrid


Good Luck with your airline. Best Regards @Vietnam_Virtual

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I got some pictures from the Event at KPSP. just trying to upload them now.


No meant it for the va was in the old one but was really busy and never got rejoined I changed my account

Can you send me a email went to the page and put in the temp form

When you are avalible

Lego I mean I can be the event organizer and choose good places to go to or I can be ATC

Just dm me or @anon93676386

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Good luck from United Virtual!

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What plane is that?

Isn’t this the same airline that crams 8 seats abreast on a 767?

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