Thomas Cook VA

Hello and welcome to Thomas Cook if

join the professional pilots pm me or go to the website

The Web site is you can apply there aswell events coming soon

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@jjt0909 congratulations on your brand new virtual airline! Now you know how much effort it takes to create one :). Welcome!

Because you’re a pilot of Royal Air. I want to make a offer.

I want to have a partnership with Thomos Cook VA. The benefits are endless. Think about it.

Kind Regards

Pm me for a quick way of joining and ask any questions

Your website doesn’t have disclaimers it seems. I will contact you via PM.

OK contact me via pm

Anyone interested

Give it time. People will start noticing it after a while.

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Ok Ill wait

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I want to say a massive thank you too

Ceo- @huw
Head pilot- @majd_R_Quhwaji
Event manager- @JDE1303

And pilots


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You can join IFWA. We share pilots!

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No we just need your own pilots

Um…well…sorry…can’t help you there :(


Interesting strategy 😂😂😂

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**opening event **
Today is the opening event look on the event page for the key information

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Thomas cook instagram
Thomas cook now has instagram the account name is Thomas.cook.if

here at Thomas cook we are in desperate search for pilots and certain staff

if your interested go to the website or pm me

What’s a va airline?

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it is a virtual airline