Thomas Cook VA Recruitment Event @ EGCC - 231900ZDEC17

Credits to our Event Manager - @Ethan11
Hop onboard a Thomas Cook Airbus a321 and join Thomas Cook VA for a beautiful flight over South West Europe down into Innsbruck!

Server: Training
Time: 1900Z
Date: Saturday 23rd
Airport: EGCC
Aircraft: Airbus a321 in Thomas Cook Livery!!!

If you would like to take part, please sign up and request a gate!

Terminal 1 Stand 01 - @KyleLemon8
Terminal 1 Stand 02 - @PilotE.E
Terminal 1 Stand 04 - @Ethan11
Terminal 1 Stand 05 - @John_Ryan
Terminal 1 Stand 06 - @Ethan1234567
Terminal 1 Stand 07 - @Rob_Shore
Terminal 1 Stand 08 - @AndrewWu
Terminal 1 Stand 09 - @HGAD
Terminal 1 Stand 010 - @callum5124
Terminal 1 Stand 011 - @Turkish_Airlines_34
Terminal 1 Stand 012 - @IFATCLee3440
Terminal 1 Stand 015 @Harun_Koyuncu
Terminal 3 Stand 016 - @Allen_Lu
Terminal 3 Stand 017 - @Planespotterdca
Terminal 3 Stand 018 -
Terminal 3 Stand 041 -
Terminal 3 Stand 042 -

More gates will be added if needed!
reply for a gate

Spawn in a few minutes early to copy the FPL from me.

Interested in Joining TCVA?

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Can I take a gate please

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Yes you can mate. Any preferance

Can’t I please have gate 06

Yes mate. Be there at about 1850 to make sure we dont keave wkthout you😂

Thanks @KyleLemon8 I will make sure to be there on time

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Bump we have loads of spaces left guys :)

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Hello, I’m the event manager at TCVA and would just like to remind everyone about our event today. If you are attending make sure to arrive a little bit early to copy the FPL from @KyleLemon8. Also if you would like to attend just ask for a gate and we will sort it out. Hope to see as many of you there as possible!!

Please may I take a gate- sounds fun!

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Of course, gate 09 is yours. See you later!

Roger that Gate 09 thank you see you then

Yes, you can take gate 10, Kyle will add it later as he made the thread! I’ll private message you later with your callsign

For none TCVA members your callsign should be “TCX” @callum5124 @HGAD

Roger that! Thanks :)

Great! I would like to get a gate.

Okay. Gate 11 is yours

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Updated * everyone spaw in at 1850Z departing at 1900Z

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@HGAD @callum5124 @Turkish_Airlines_34 Everybody please keep your eye on this topic as I will soon be posting the the flight details; cruise altitude etc. @John_Ryan and @Ethan1234567 please use callsign “TCX” with no number

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Can I join this please?

Of course. Gate 12. Use callsign “TCX” with no number. Stay updated on the topic as more details will be going up soon!