Thomas Cook VA, just updated

the update for Thomas cook if Is finally here
please remember Thomas cook are always hiring so if you are interested you can go and pm me or @huw the ceo

  • Thomas cook are also now based in san Diego with new routes in southern California you can see the routes on the web site as well

  • logging flights all pilots must now log flight by emailing me by the log button on the website or pm me

  • the website has had a neon style added this is to describe our va

  • rules are now being in forced but wont be up and running in till the 30th april

  • there will be punishments for those that are breaking rules and if there are complaints they will be investigated

  • there is now an instagram account Thomas.cook.if which has pictures all things T cook

I want to thank
for all there hard work it means a lot

owner of Thomas cook if
Joshua tobin


if you have any ideas please comment

You already have a thread for your VA.
Please post in that one instead of creating a new thread.

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People are limited to the threads for VAs but not strictly limited to one thread. If this is the second it should be okay.

But as @BavariaAVIATION said, keep it in mind that you will need to limit the threads.

@jjt0909 Don’t forget me and the new website!

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Your welcome!

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Why is Thomas Cook based in San Diego? Wouldn’t it make sense if it was somewhere in the London region


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I will work on the website for more details! Note:Website is still open while in progress!

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That websote looks… Funky.

Seriously, it’s what makes the first impression, I suggest fixing grammar errors and having a nice finish for it.


well we need a lot more pilots so I thought an update might help that

Nice website! I like it!

I’m getting the feeling of a rivalry! :)


nah your airline is so cool @Captain_Dan


Thanks! Your airline is at the same level! Just get more routes and you will be set :)

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well we are doing this with updates in the near future

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Do you remember theeeeesee… ummm… what are they called… Capital letters?


Decided not to work on the website for now. Because I went on a ferry with my family to Ellis Island and Statue Of Liberty I will try to post the pictures I took.

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