Thomas Cook --> Sun Class Airlines

Thomas Cook’s Nordic subsidiary, Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia, is assuming a new identity as Sunclass Airlines after Norwegian investor Petter Stordalen, Altor funds and TDR Capital bought Thomas Cook’s Northern European operations parent company, Ving Group.

Sun Class was the old name of premium class on Ving flights.

Current fleet

8 A321-200

1 A330-200

3 A330-300

Callsign: Viking

Photo credit: Me


  • Copenhagen Airport EKCH
  • Helsinki Airport EFHK
  • Oslo Airport, Gardermoen ENGM
  • Stockholm Arlanda Airport ESSA

Currently not known if they will do changes to the livery besides the name

Investor Petter Stordalen is known as an enviromental activist and people want to know why he is investing in an airline.

The unique thing about Ving is that they are the worlds most sustainable travel company.

Ving pay climate compensation for 1,6 million travelers. Ving will continue to be sustainable under his wings he says.

«We know there are solutions to make

planes more sustainable by using bio fuel»



That’s a story I missed, thanks for sharing this!

Not too sure whether I like that name though…

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Wonder what the livery will look like.

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Should have just stayed with Thomas Cook. Sun Class is not the greatest name in my opinion.

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A climate activist buying an airline? That’s interesting! I’m curious to see what their plan will be for this airline. Thank you for sharing this Andre!


Gretta Thunberg has entered the chat

Jokes aside, I bet some climate change thing will be incorporated.

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🤷🏻‍♂️ The sunny heart is a well known logo. But I guess with a new identity they want a new logo/livery.

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Very much true. I personally believe they will incorporate some rising sun theme into their livery.

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Yep! His wife is Dr. Gunhild Stordalen, founder of the organisation EAT.
She is a driving force in linking climate, health and sustainability issues across sectors to transform the global food system.
More fruit and vegetables, less meat and fish.
I think she will have an influence regarding food on board.

The Chinese travel company Fosun has now bought the Thomas Cook brand. The assets bought include the trademarks, domain names, social media accounts and licences of the now defunct business.


Looks like Ving and Sunclass have to make a new logo/livery.

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