Thomas Cook shows Manchester Love

I recently flew from Malaga, Spain to Manchester, UK, and spotted this little beauty.

I haven’t seen it before, and having lived by Manchester Airport my entire life until only a few years ago - I thought I would have. I think it was applied to the airframe following the Manchester attacks and thought it was a great touch. Well done Thomas Cook! Does anyone else have photos of this jet? Or any photos of other similiar logos/slogans/decals applied to aircraft? Post them here!!


They have these little logos at the check in desk as well right? I noticed them recently too.


Its good that they care about that tragic event, I bet they are helping out the victims!

Unfortunately I was flying Jet2 and didn’t see the TC check in, it’s a real nice touch if they have though.

I’m sensing sarcasm… its a lovely touch, maybe not helping anyone’s recovery (I don’t know if they have donated cash amounts or any deals to victims and families) but it’s nice to show that they care.

As was I, I just got dropped off at T2 because I like the walk through the airbridge thing lol.

I’m not leaving the country now until next year. I will probably go spotting one day in summer at Manchester. So I hope to see the MCR symbol whilst I’m there. It’s nice to see though, I think it’s because Manchester is a hub for Thomas cook and is one of the most seen aircraft here.

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I saw it on an A330 at EGBB last weekend!!

They recently added it to the aircraft almost immediately after the tragic events of the past few months. The aircraft has since then been operating from Manchester with the sticker applied

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Haha my wife is too lazy for the T2 walk! Door stop service or a headache for me I’m afraid 😂 Hopefully flying out of there again later this year, but my next is from heathrow at the end of the month! Wish it was a holiday and not work though…

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