Thomas Cook Scandanavia A330 new livery

Thomas Cook Scandanavia is still its name. The new owners are planning to have it put into bankruptcy then buy it.

Fosun have any brought the name Thomas Cook, the website, social media and trademarks.

No, that is not correct.
They will operate under a new AOC (Aircraft Operating Certificate) and a new name, Sun Class airlines.

Great livery I would love to have this in IF. Voted!

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We need that livery at IF. Vote and give it to us! The beautiful Thomas Cook Scandanavia A330!

This would be a great addition! Could also be used for Thomas Cook UK routes even if it isn’t the –200!

Bumps. A330-300 won

Got my vote! This will be great with the upcoming A330 rework!

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Going to bump. I believe most of us want more hearts in the sky. A321 and A330 maybe?

Yeeeeeah, boy. We need this livery for our scandinavians people

And Thomas Cook fans

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To you what is the normal TC scandinavian livery?

Can’t forget to bump this aswell. 3 for 10 lets do it

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Bump. Lets get to 10. This livery deserves it

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Would like to see this livery in IF. Unfortunately I’m out of votes, but good luck 👍😁

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Thanks for the support

Keep voting guys! Let’s try and get this with me the A330 rework!

Completly agree. Lets not let this livery go to waste

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Bump. Can we get 20 votes?

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Going to bump. Can we get somemore support?

Hope so!!!

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