Thomas Cook pilots go on strike!

See: Thomas Cook strike goes ahead | BALPA

Personally, if they’re talking literal pay cuts then I fully support some form of action - NOT action that ruins innocents holidays who would have saved for a long time to go on a holiday.
However, if they’re saying a pay freeze - therefore not a cut, then I think it’s ridiculous that pilots who are paid so much anyway, couldn’t find another option to solve the issue.

Im not bag mouthing pilots by any stretch, I for one - understand how much responsibility a pilot has and why they earn the money they do.

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And I like Thomas Cook

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@Mags885. MaxSez: When you get off the Queens payroll/dole you’ll look at things differently. I did. Strike/Sick Out tells the man who hold the gold he ain’t makin the rule anymore. LOL. Regards

(Traveler Rule #1; Ya pay your money you take your chance!)


Haha very true! I’m paid about a 3rd of what a captain is paid for a LCC, easyJet. These guys must be paid a fair whack without an actual pay cut?

@Mags885. MaxSez: Typical Brit, Socialistic Class Envey, sound like a Laborite. LOL


Haha hey I’ve come from the bottom, I’ve already reached further than I could have every dreamt! No class envy from this guy haha smarty pants!

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@Mags885… MaxSez: Me to! The Serves for 31 years with 3 hots and a cot plus flight skins, tax free combat pay, per deum thrown in made my day my son.

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Haha not as rosy on this side of the pond - still get taxed when out of area!!

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It’s a shame that these airline employees keep going on strike.

They should be grateful of the wage they get compared to others not to mention the benefits that come with they job.

I’d give anything to become a pilot

These are the men and women who get you safely to your destination day in day out. The amount of stuff they have to go through in the cockpit from failures to angry customers must be draining. If they are not getting the money they deserve then good on em for having a strike and showing the people who sit in the office with their coffee machine who the real backbone of the airline is

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