Thomas Cook Gone

Not really:

Back in May 2019, Thomas Cook announced half-year losses of £1.5 billion and saw its share price fall 40 percent as a result. In July 2019, it was announced that Thomas Cook were undergoing rescue talks with investors and banks,



It is unclear if they will do or not most likely not but may do during winter


@Ishrion The “euro weekly news spain” doesn’t look like a good news source.

Anyway here’s an update on the situation. The CAA are flying out planes to certain destinations to bring back British citizens.

Wellllll… everyone seems to be going crazy on Twitter…


Officially bankrupt. Sad to see them go. Never flown Thomas Cook but I loved their livery:(


RIP Thomas Cook 2003 to 2019.


The Airlines began in 2003

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Rest In Peace, Thomas Cook.

Just like wow air

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Not sure on this, but I believe Condor will continue to fly tomorrow?

Thanks for that I fixed it up

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I don’t know about tommorow but for now, they’re still flying.

Thomas Cook travel agency was founded by a man called Thomas Cook (never saw that one coming!) In 1841.

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Thomas Cook founded it?! But the actual airlines ;) lol

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Looks like they actually collapsed, here’s a cnn article on it.

So did thay go bust

Yes they did due to financial issues.