Thomas Cook Gone

I heard this on the news - must be heartbreaking for those who have just gone on holiday

Surely they have to get a refund?

Well that was random. Was not expecting Thomas Cook to face such problems!

Oh no! Hope @ThomasCookVirtual won’t shut down regardless of what will happen IRL.

Thomas Cook is atol protected so anytime who is on holiday with them when they collapse will be able to continue their holiday and will be flown back for free.

Does that mean condor will go down with TC?

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Most probably, because Condor is part of the Thomas Cook group.
I could be wrong.

As far as am aware they will be flown home on the first available flight.
Yes condor will go as well.

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That means that New Orleans will lose one of it’s international routes.😥


Oh no please no why no I beg you please noooo

I really want to try Thomas Cook’s A321s one day. Please let this airline be saved ;(

Maybe if we all chip in some cash we can buy Thomas Cook ourselves?

Good idea. Just start a go fund me and the goal to be £200,000,000

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Be a little wary of this article: The Sun is known for being the UK’s most unreliable news source so don’t believe everything word-for-word. I’m sure there’s a basic legitimacy to idea of the article, but don’t rule out any other articles because they don’t fit with this one.


I never thought Thomas cook would declare bankrupt

Thomas cook’s history of ancestor airline leads to British Airtours, which was a subsidiary of British airways. So Thomas Cook you sorta say is slightly related to British airways

They got 420 mil they said they need another 200 mil to survive winter and the Japanese said nah m8

What now. .

British Airtours was a subsidiary of BA, but changed its name to Caledonian Airways.
It was sold by BA to a uk tour operator Inspirations (1995).
In 1999 Thomas cook bought Inspirations and merged the 2 airlines, Caledonian and Flying colours. Newly named JMC.

Yep so that’s how British Airways is “sorta” related to Thomas cook

Apparently TCX will go into administration at 03:00am BST Monday 23rd September 2019