Thomas Cook Gone

About 1 hour ago, Thomas Cook were stated by The Sun Newspaper saying that all TCX hoilday makers have 24hrs to get back to the UK. This will be a massive job to bring all the passengers back.

This would be on a scale no one in the UK would have seen with a major airline. Apparently multiple Hi Fly aircraft, Qatar A320’s and more.

Opininons on this?

Link of article


Not possible but why?

Do you now what article you saw it?

Just linked it

Sounds like WOW Air which is in fact coming back to life but we will have to wait and see.

Below is another article

Ok, thank you.

I saw this on the front page when I opened the internet a few days ago
Man it would be horrible if this happened

Anyone else remember when Thomas Cook wanted to fly to Reno, Nevada?


The sun is not a reliable source.

Thomas Cook are in quite the situation. They need a buyer who is willing to pay £200 million so that they can stay afloat. If they dont then they will go bust and over 150,000 British citizens will be stranded around the world.

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I am just going to get this back on topic…

From what I have gathered, it seems like Thomas Cook has applied for a “rescue package” which contains $200 million to get the airline back on track; they’re expected to get this rescue package some time next week.

Thomas Cook has basically said to their holidaymakers that they have 24 hours to get back home, just in case the airline goes bankrupt, or they’re going to have to find alternative ways home.

Personally, I think it’s a good call. If holidaymakers want to spend the rest of their holiday worrying about how they’re going to get home, then that’s their choice. If holidaymakers don’t want to worry, then they can do what Thomas Cook has suggested, and get back home within the next 24 hours. That’s just my 2 cents.

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Adam thanks for your say. Its seems like RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) wants £200 million to secure their winter ops. Fosun have refused to back TCX. Now TCX have asked the UK government for the money


I see, that makes a bit more sense. Thanks for the info Zak!

No problem. Seriously if they go bust there will be two airlines (Jet2 and TUI) from my local airport to Turkey not including flights to Istanbul

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It’s sad to see another airline gone.

Is this confirmed by multiple news sources?

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Thomas Cook have not officially gone under however there is a probability that they might within the next day or 2.

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As Hazam said in the next 24-48hrs

For some insights of the news, The Guardian provides some FAQs in the link below

There goes Condor.


Wow, I just flew them in July.

Interesting news.

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They have until Sunday morning to raise £200 million.
It’s not just The royal bank of Scotland, it’s other lenders as well.
Fosun wanted to buy shares of 75% in the travel agent part and 25% in the airline division.
They have now changed there proposal and other share holders don’t agree.
I’ve flown on these many times on family holidays and it will be a real shame.
Another blow to the world of aviation.