Thomas Cook Airbus A330-200

I know this aircraft has threads for rework but im not sure the Thomas Cook Livery is involved what i would love to see as I am involved in Thomas Cook VA:
Credits : Thomas Cook
Thomas Cook A330
Would help a lot and the Liveries are quite nice IMO.
What do you think?

Unfortunately. You can only request one feature per request topic. Please choose one and make sure to get a picture. Thanks.



Follow these guidelines next time and everytime:

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ok, you changed it, now it is a thomas cook a330.
nice request

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Please give picture credits to owners and source.

Mate no offence pm me not put it on thread @dush19


Correct me if im wrong, but doesnt Infinite Flight only have the Airbus A330-300?


Yes??? @Coolman im trying to get the thomas cook livery

The point is that you’re requesting a livery for an aircraft we don’t have. Who knows, perhaps it’ll be included in the rework ;)

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isnt it an a330? @Dan_77

*During summer we will be operating an A330-300 which will have 372 economy seats. Please refer to the seat map sent to you along with your booking confirmation to retrieve accurate information about the aircraft you will be flying on.

Did you get permission from a moderator as there is an existing thread for this aircraft.

Not for this livery though so it is completely differnt im asking for the livery not the aircraft as the other threads dont include the thomas cook livery

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Too much unnecessary argumentation here.

Old one closed. Move on.


We need to have this back up again, people vote for this beautiful bird


Cool livery

Out of votes though.

You will have my vote as well, when the rework is confirmed.

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This would help with my TCVA! +1 for me

they’ve a nice Airbus fleet, good request

the current photo is a 300 version but it’s ok

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