Thomas Cook Airbus A321 Old Livery

With the recent collapse of Thomas Cook, it would be nice to see a few more or their liveries added to the simulator…including the old Thomas Cook livery. Yes this aircraft is not is service, but it is still, in my opinion, a nice livery that would be a good addition to the simulator.image Image cred <

I do remember this livery. Would be a nice one in IF, even though those aren’t nice days for the airline and it’s employees.

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Even though I do like it, I’d prefer to have the thomas cook livery on the a330 instead of 2 on the a321


I think it’s best to just keep current liveries, mostly out off respect to those who have lost their jobs and might be struggling towards Christmas May god bless them. I like the idea though. Rvd Connor.


Nice. Always good to have a mix of old and new

Gives a different feel to Thomas Cook, and I personally like it more on the A321 than the regular 320.