Thomas Cook A321 Flight - LGW to JSI Inspirational Video

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Today I was on a flight from London Gatwick (LGW/EGKK) to Skiathos (JSI/LGSK), i Saw some amazing views along the way including the Austrian mountains near Innsbruck. We headed down the world south-east, first crossing the coast of Eastbourne, then we passed through southern Belgium down to the Austrian alps, after that I cruised along the coast of Croatia near the Adriatic sea past albania which led to northern Greece where I started my descend at -1000fpm into Skiathos. I had a beautiful go-around Skopelos and Alonnisos (the two other Sporade islands) before landing into runway 02. The weather was pretty carm, winds were only 9kts along with a lovely clear sky for an easier landing. I flew in the A321 Aircraft which is Thomas Cook’s Mainly used plane.

Photo Gallery

Me departing Gatwick Via runway 26L from Gate 32 in south terminal. Lovely Views of the fields and runway.

Then I ascended along the southern coast of Brighton before crossing at Eastbourne, amazing view of the beach and sea.

Now I have reached the required altitude (32,000) and can see loads of different french farms and fields.

Crossing the Amazing Alps, looks so realistic when high up.

Just Crossed the coast of Venice before cruising through the Adriatic sea.

Skiathos is now in sight looks stunning, and now descend has started around 5 mins ago.

Slow and Subtle Descend along Alonnisos (the island). Getting more excited at this point.

Now I am on final approach (runway 02) which a speed of 145knots and flaps at 4. This is definitely such an incredible approach with the views of beaches so amazing.

Great Close up of beaches


Then I landed with reverse thrust high at 90% due to the short runway

Finally I Taxied to Parking Gate 02.

If you want to see this in action watch my video, Link Below

Thanks for Reading, I look forward for my next flight London Stansted (STN/EGSS) to Zakynthos (ZTH/LGZA) with a TUI 737-800!


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