Thomas_Bennett’s ATC Tracking Thread - [closed] @ EGCC

This is my tracking thread

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Hey, please use this format for an ATC tracking thread:


Hello, Thomas!

Are you still open? I’ll stop by.

Sorry by the time my post got approved it’s now closed

Ah, ok.

When you close your frequency, simply edit the title so in the brackets it says “CLOSED”.

Thanks, and I’ll try to catch you next time!

Egcc tower and ground training server open

Hey! I was EC-1.

Commands are a little bit late. Be proactive and clear them soon, don’t wait till we are in threeshold to clear them.

When I was taxiing to 23R, no need send “contact tower”. I am already instructed to change frequency when cleared to taxi 23R “contact tower when ready”.

New pattern entry when runway change to 23L was good. Clearance late, but on time (no need left traffic in every clearance while I am in te same runway, only clearance for the option).

Keep practicing, good job in general.


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Cheers @DaniCP cactus 6 screwed it up bit deliberately landing against the runway direction.

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