This will put you to tears, abandoned Boeing 787

This Boeing 787 has been abandoned by PrivatAir and is now awaiting a new owner in the desert :(


Wow, sad. Nearly as sad as seeing all of those 747s.


It’s sooo sad😢😢😭😭

If I had the money and I would buy it. Then I would to live on every country on earth!

Poor 787, only wanted attention :(


A la Air India…


I’m talking about the parking of 787s, not the desire to get rid of them

This is terrible. :(
Did I read it right? Just one flight? From the factory to the desert?

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This is just pure pain for me. Why did they spend so much money on a aircraft that was just going to sit there! And it’s less than 6 months old!


Man this sucks, such a young aircraft abandoned. 787’s are my favorite

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This looks to be the lone flight. I assume there were test flights prior to this one (but that doesn’t really count)

I wish I could just take all the planes in aircraft graveyards and put them in my garden. But obviously it’s not as simple as that 😭


At least we’re not pretending you do anymore 😒

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It would be easier to go live there instead. :)
Although I guess it would be depressing.


The aircraft still looks pretty and Stunning. Why They dare to Threw her away to Aircraft’s Graveyard?! I Will buy this aircraft If I have enough money #CoinsForB787

The “grave yard” isn’t just for aircraft to be scrapped, it’s also where they go to lay up aircraft. They do this for many reasons, running aircraft is expensive and it might be cheaper for the owners to leave it in mothballs for a couple of years at a much cheaper rate then it would cost to keep it in running at a loss. When the markets pick up am sure she will be flying again!


I think the whole plane would be covered in rust about time any of us could afford it, if ever

who wants to arrange a scout team and steal it?


I’ve looked into her. Apparently the Bank of Utah owns her, so makes sense they’d want to keep maintenance costs low. Maybe PrivatAir couldn’t afford her anymore and the bank took the plane back? I don’t know much about the workings of aircraft trusts.

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Most airlines don’t own their own aircraft but are owned by a third party who leases the to the airlines. This gives the flexibility that when there is a downturn in the market the airlines can hand back the aircraft which can be leased to another airline or mothball for a while depending on the rates then.

Most of the Leagicy airlines own 80-90% of their aircraft, but LoCos for example and startups will lease up to 100% of their fleet.

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