This weeks Friday Night Flight Event

May 29th Friday Night Flight - Seattle / Portland Loop

Follow the link to our Facebook page for this weeks FNF event details.

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For anybody interested, here is an easy to read version of the real world arrival and approach routes. May change due to winds that day, but these are the most frequently used approaches.
I hope to get KPDX Portland Approach :smile:

I can also post copies of the actual STAR and approach routes if interested.


@DIsraelFDS Can you guys preselect the runways for departure/arrival prior to the event so that pilots and atc will know which ones to be expecting? I think this will make it easier and avoid confusion when traffic gets busy.

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Not without a crystal ball. I don’t know for certain what the weather will be like. ATC will handle runway assignments based on conditions at the appropriate time.

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Winds changed in the last 30 minutes, not by much but enough the trigger the 16 runways as inactive. Here are the approaches for the 34 runways
From HAWKZ just enter the following waypoints to SONDR

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If anyone else wants to do some other group flights, send me a message. Always interested in doing formation flights with experienced IF pilots.

I got some really serious lag on final approach and landing that KPDX. Never experienced that before. Was recording a video of my approach, not sure if that had anything to do with it? Anybody else get it? Hard to tell if it is internet or frame lag.

I would like to thank @Jordino_Mutale for his help in SEA tower today. Those departures were really well spaced out. Good job! :smile:

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Thanks sorry I’m replying late…getting active in the page now that I’m finding more free time.

No problemo