[ This Weekend! ] 30MAY20 / 1600Z A Tribute to the Mexican Airlines! Huge Mexico City Flyout! @MMMX

Can I get gate 33A to Tokyo? (Do I fly over Europe and Asia or Pacific ocean?)

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I’ll take Gate 31A to Paris!

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I’ll come but can I fly to Sydney?

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@Capitan_Artem thanks for joining! You can fly through the Pacific Ocean. @chicho You are added! @Louis Sure! I’ll find you a gate. Just tell me what aircraft you would like.

Let’s get even more signups!

Alright, thank you, I am very exited :D

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Thanks so much, I’ll go the 787

Let’s get more signups!

Let’s get more signups! This is having a low turnout… :( Please leave feedback even if you’re not coming. Looks like Mexico is an unpopular region…

Attention to everyone attending, I got a name change, same person. Also, let’s get some signups!

Hey I’d like to take this route on the a318 to Atlanta (KATL)!

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YESSSS, ANOTHER SIGNUP, Thank you so much, haven’t got a signup in over a week lol, I’ll add you.

Let’s get some signups! Many gates left!
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Gate 32 Mexicana A318 MMQT PLS!!!

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You’re added!

Thanks!!! se u there

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Sign me up for the Aeromexico to Puerto Vallarta gracias.

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You’re in, thanks for attending

You should probably delete all of these before you get more backlash


I’m not sure if a B789 can takeoff at such an elevation at Mexico City to have enough fuel to make it to Sydney… but I guess you could try

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