This Week in IF Roleplaying - Burning Man | Aug 27 - Sept 3

Burning Man festival is happening right now in Black Rock, Nevada US through the end of the week. Though it exists in perpetuity in the IF Universe, the real-world Black Rock City Airport (88NV) exists only 2 weeks a year during the festival.

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To maximize your roleplay, choose any of the following briefings to embark on your mission.

Black Rock City Airport (88NV) – note that the only spawns in IF are on the runway at this airfield.

  • Simple. You are an attendee of the festival. Fly to BRC from any airfield in any GA aircraft of your choosing.
  • Quick. You are piloting for Burning Sky, the camp of skydivers at the festival. Load up a C208 at BRC. Takeoff and circle the city (just NE of the airport) until FL130. Make a passing run to drop skydivers, decend, and land back are the airport. (
  • You are running charters for Burner Express Air ( Hop into a C208 (the only IF aircraft flown by the charter company) and run passengers to the festival. Make return trips if you wish. Select from any departure points:
    • Reno-Tahoe Int’l (KRNO) – FBO Atlantic Aviation
    • Oakland Int’l (KOAK) – FBO Signature Flight
    • San Carlos (KSQL) – any north GA stand
    • Bob Hope Airport, Burbank (KBUR) – FBO Atlantic Aviation

Many traveling to the festival by way of commercial airlines pass through Reno-Tahoe International (KRNO), who reports that the festival brings the airport’s busiest time of year. If commercial flights are more up your alley, here is a route map and list of airlines servicing KRNO:


Interesting and fun idea! It would work well with some GA folks (@Balloonchaser hint hint). Great post and I hope to see one for next week. 👍🏻


Thanks for the encouragement. I have more ideas on the calendar, tho keeping it up weekly will take a bit of effort. I’ll see what I can do.

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Interesting, maybe some more action at the dnmx homebase ⚡

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If some one made this an event I’d join!

The IFGAC is doing something with this tonight. Keep watching the slack ;)

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Great idea! I had a jumper fly pass me not but 10 feet above, greased his landing, rolled his chute up, and gracefully disappear into a crowd of dancing burners. Good times being home.

I’ve attended burning man in real life and it was an amazing experience. MIght be something i’m interested in personally to attend

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The Infinite Flight General Aviation Club is ending off Day 1 of The Burning Man Festival with doing a skydiving run! Come join us on the Expert Server

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Thanks for letting me crash the party.

& @KPIT is coming in for a surprise C17 Visit

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Take some good pictures… 📷

I am giving up on the C17…

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Is it already finished?

Tonight we are done. We will be back doing something as a Club everyday

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Me too. Evolution ‘09, 9:00 and extinct. Unexplainable. Surprisingly the aircraft were always present and the jumpers were constantly raining down during the dusty days. I personally rolled around in a spaceship made of Lycra, ply, rebar, plenty of lights and big sound, atop a Jeep. Could only get it up to 5mph and unfortunately we never took flight:)

The Infinite Flight General Aviation Club is back for another day of skydiving runs at the Burning Man Festival!

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Just popped off another quick skydiving run.

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