This Week in IF Roleplay - Reno Air Races | Sept 10-16 (w/ video)

For the second time in 3 weeks, we are headed back to Nevada for the annual National Championship Air Races at Reno Stead Airport (KRTS). Not a lot of backstory needed here, just ball-to-the-wall at 50 feet above the ground…what more could you ask for?

Photo Credit: Author(s): D Ramey Logan | North American T-6 Texan race start 2014 Reno Air Races photo D Ramey Logan.jpg from Wikimedia Commons | License: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0

Short & Quick

Aircraft owners based at KRTS are offered to relocate their aircraft to KRNO for free during race week. Make the quick hop from KRTS to KRNO in your own private aircraft of choice.


Copying the map from two weeks ago, here is a map of routes and airlines for KNRO. Check FlightAware to recreate your flight of choice.The Expert ATC schedule this week has action in the US Midwest on Wednesday. Perhaps if I bat my eyes at the IFATC, someone may hook up KRNO for some expert ATC action.

More GA

An assortment of various aircraft are needed at the airport for the static display. Get any the following aircraft to Reno Stead:

  • Super Decathlon
  • C-17
  • CRJ200 | Infinite Flight livery
  • 172 Skyhawk
  • 208 Caravan
  • SR22
  • A-10
  • F-16
  • F-22
  • P-38
  • Spitfire

and now…



This edition of the IF National Championship Air Races will feature everyone’s favorite, the Supermarine Spitfire! This is the closest thing we have in IF representative of any racing aircraft. Perhaps the Spitfire has participated in the race, but I could not locate a record of it; just a lot of P-51s (looking into “Unlimited” class).
If realism is what you are going for, try to takeoff on Runway 08/26, but go to 14/32 if the crosswind is too strong. To get a feel for the course, I tried it first in the Super D and then in Spitfire at 50% throttle. Once you are comfortable with your lines, throw the throttle all the way up! The best map of the course I could find was from the NTSB report about the Galloping Ghost crash since it was overlaid on a satellite image.

(I even made a video)

Yes, the sound sucks. Probably should have turned off engine sound, but I couldn’t get phone the to record a better quality voice anyway. Tried my best to keep my hand off the mic.

Not a specific event, which is what #live:events is for. I just try to find events or themes affecting Real World aviation and provide a little inspiration to follow along within the game. My posts do not follow proper #live:events page protocol. I am certainly not opposed to someone making an event of them. I would if I could, but work and family life are not conducive to dedicating & scheduling time to make and run or even just participate in events (which is primarily why I don’t belong to any VAs or VOs).

If someone wants to make a proper event out of this, please feel free.

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ok thanks for clarifying it I did not know 🙂

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