This week flight

This are my shots of this week flight I hope you like them

Post 1

Canberra int

Post 2

Taking off heading to Sydney intl Airport

Post 3

Landing at Sydney international Airport

Post 4

Ready for my fist B777 Long haul flight

Post 5

Beautiful cockpit💯

Post 6

Somewhere over Asia

Post 7

Touch down at Seoul international Airport

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Oh hey, I saw you earlier today, I was the Asiana A350 approaching Incheon. Too bad I didn’t land sooner, I maybe could have snuck into your shot lol, the fog was intense though and I had to go around a couple of times.

Spectacular shots btw! I’m impressed by that landing close up Qantas shot!

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Hahah lol i was actually waiting to see your landing haha 👌

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These are some amazing shots! Well done :D


Nice shots!

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OMG! I’m the VirginAustralia 77W right behind u on the 4th post! Nice pics too!

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Thanks and yeah where were you heading to😁

Thank you so much😁

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I had just arrived from Sydney when you spawned into the gate next to me!

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