This was a very frustrating appr fail and I’m positive it wasn’t my fault.

I was flying from London on a 9:30 flight and as I’m approaching runway 25L at 2700 feet and as soon as I’m entering the landing pattern I engaged the appr and it completely messed up and I don’t know why. I was very lined up with the runway.

From the video it looks like you were well past the centerline for 25l and too close for it to make that wide of a turn for the correction.

Try approaching the runway at a 30 degree offset and then apply it.

Using appr can be tricky, but the best way to make it work for you starts with a good pattern. Appr is best used when you on the glide path and are about to intercept the localizer. After that you still need to manage your speed.

If appr isn’t working, then abort the landing and go around. If it gets to a point where you aren’t comfortable with appr, take control of your aircraft and hand fly it in.

Keep working at it and it will happen!

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That’s why when form a flight plan I align myself with the centerline fixes in the nav cones and when I’m beginning final I hit the approach button to get me on glide slope and then hand fly it

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Before engaging appr I was on the centerline and usually if I’m not then it aligns it self with it. This is very frustrating because I spent 9 hours flying and had to have this happen

Why didn’t you just fly it manually when you noticed it started to veer off course like that? Much easier/fun/better than getting frustrated :)


If you suddenly come off course

•check A/P is on

•check ILS

•re align

•if it still doesn’t work go around

I never had a APPR fail. Re-watch the video tutorials.

Disregard the few times I lost 500ft because of bad trimming

Being on the centerline when hitting it may cause it to try to catch it again. This is one of the reasons that approach controllers will never give you a runway heading vector but always within 30 degrees.

Try hitting it a little earlier but not on the centerline and see if that helps.


I’ve had it overshoot the runway before, that was pretty frustrating but for the most part never had any issues with aligning.

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