This the place you have NEVER been before

You have never seen this before !

Hello everyone and welcome to this topic !

So as I love exploring the world I sometimes fly where nobody is and during my last exploration flight I found this awesome place. Take a guess where it is :) ?

Flight details
  • Aircraft: Dash 8
  • Airport: Shhh
  • Flight time: don’t remember

Soo here they are !

I did some research and I know exactly what it is but I don’t want to be that boring guy who tells you everything. It’s your turn now to find out where and what it is !
Maybe I will tell it a later point of time but for now you have your “mission” :)

Have fun !


Is it Probe Town USA, Area 51?

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Nope it’s not.

Colorado somewhere???

Also not Colorado.

Looks like some armament and ammo storage. I’ve seen a few in person flying over California and Nevada.

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nuclear waste dump

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Looks like somewhere in the north of the Middle East after my time working across tons of airports across Iran… I would say possibly the Iranian-Pakistan-Afghanistan area. Although I could be completely wrong! 🤷‍♂️

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While I haven’t been able to find the exact location, I may have figured out the function of these numerous sqare fields. It could be drilling stations for oil or gas, as can be seen on this enlarged satellite image:

(Source: Google maps; Location: New Mexico)

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Northern Territory, Australia?

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Planet Mars? 😂
I take a stab and bet its somewhere in South America - Chile is a good candidate

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Since this must be a region we have ‘NEVER’ seen before, this must be some kind of a military looking area. Maybe in… Mexico, because of the deserts, fields and the canyon atmosphere. Since most people tie around the United States the most.

This is just a totally random guess. Someone also pointed out an oil platform so this could also be the case.

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I think it’s on earth, not fully sure though…


Looks like an oil field in the gulf

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I’m going to lean to Iraq, Iran, or maybe Kazakhstan from the landscape, they produce good amounts of oil.

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Nope has nothing to do with armament or military in general and it’s not in the US.


It’s faaar away from where it really is 👀

That’s correct !


Super close !!

Unfortunately, it’s not.

Yes, it is haha

Oil field is good but nit in the gulf

So as I mentioned above it’s not in Asia in general. The continent is South America !

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Is this it? In Argentina? North west of SAZN!


Yeah it’s in Argentina but the exact airport is SA21 :)


Wasnt expecting you to give the answer, but thanks.
Ive checked out the little wee SA21 airport and did a pattern 😉


I did not find this airport as It is not in fligtradar24!
Nice area and scenery nonetheless!

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