This still happens in 2019 !? (On expert!?)

Thought id share my experience while holding short, waiting for take off at VABB runway 27… lovely return to the infinite flying world for sure. How is this still happening???

IFC Vidal 99977 first positioned his place fantastically close to mine, then proceeded to go straight through me - which gave him no advantage at all, im still bewildered why he’d do so. Captin Lewis then proceeded to stick his nose up my rear. Love it.

Yes it does.
I’m always surprised that posters reporting behaviour for some reason don’t share on what server this happened…

Well, it would be best to send @Vidal99977 a PM regarding his behavior.

But… it does happen. Unfortunately, those who fly on expert are not truly experts. Lack of separation on the ground is unfortunately common.

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There will always be people who don’t follow the rules, unfortunately.

The guy in the Air India 777 needs to learn how to hold short properly. Nose of the aircraft is not to pass the hold short line.


Added to the title as you wrote this… but of course this was expert. Common place on training so would be 0 point of posting

Rather my nose pass the hold short line than another pass the rear of my plane xoxo

And I go back to your title. This still happens in 2019? Before you complain about others’ actions, its best that you make sure you’re not busting any rules at the same time. Happy complaining! 🛫