This Space stuff is next level!

Oh I just love this focus these commercial companies and individuals are pushing towards aviation and space exploration. No longer just governments! This is going to be huge for aviation, and will surge jobs and life to be more IN THE AIR!

SO EXCITING! Today, SpaceX launched a private crew to hookup with the ISS… THE ISS!!! YAASS!!

I hope you all are as excited as I am!

(this might belong in Real World Aviation, but I cannot put it there)

Hey! It’s super exciting - but you’re right, you can’t post in the #real-world-aviation category yet, as you’re not at Trust Level 2. It can’t be moved there, as all posts have to be pre-approved before posting in that category.

The #general category is for stuff related to Infinite Flight only.

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Happy to see you’re excited about space stuff. As Sooraj mentioned, this does belong in the #real-world-aviation. As long as you stick around and continue to post comments, topics and engage with others on this community forum, you’ll quickly gain access to that perk to post in that RWA category.

Thanks and have a great day!