This shouldn't be possible

So on casual server, trying to do some vertical takeoff’s at KSFO but whist taxiing to the runway I spin out. We have all done that. So i put reverse thrust on and realise a issue. I spawn at KOAK in solo, spin out and I use reverse thrust along the water and manage to reach mach 1.2 with engines alone without overspeeding, flipping or anything. In fact it was too smooth for comfort.

So this kind of needs to be fixed cause reverse thrust shouldn’t get you to Mach 1.2 if you happen to spin out.

[Look at the ground speed]


Ummm… what? Sorry bro, but I can’t relate…


Sorry, why did you spin out?


A vertical takeoff doesn’t require that much speed so really, you was just going too fast.

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turning too hard with the rudder at 40 knots ground speed.

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Okay then, weird night on here tonight…


So you crashed your plane by making the sim do something it was not meant to do? I suspect IF has more important things to fix rather than failsafe non-standard procedures.

Simple fix. Don’t do it again.


Discussion closed. Bang, boom, case dismissed


Definetly a good idea xD Just the reverse thruster shouldn’t stay activated to make the aircraft go backwards

It’s going to be an awesome way to do long haul supersonic flights in global though. Don’t squish this bug!

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Spun out? Never happened to me, how fast are you going anyway? 40kts? That’s too fast, man.

Reversers are still sometimes used for powerbacks should a pushback tug not be available. Much more common on the RJs and other tail mounted engine planes to reduce FOD ingestion.


Yep, very rare though. Only seen it happen once in real life. Not my vid!!!


It used to be very very common. I saw American doing this a few weeks ago with a MD80 and CRJ7


Yes this is a known bug.

The fact that you were even taxiing onto the runway fast enough for you to spin out and to activate the reverse thrust is the problem. Slow down next time, and take your time.

How do you spin out? I only spin out if I taxi above 35mph and I don’t brake when taxiing round a corner, you have to taxi at a high speed to physically spin out, I normally taxi at around 10mph around corners and about 20mph normally, I wouldn’t recommend anyone taxiing above 30mph for their own aircraft safety :)

That’s why I voted for Concorde when Laura put up a poll in December for the community to decide what should be the next aircraft (most people voted for the MD-11) imagin traveling from Glasgow/Edinburgh/London to New York in just 3 hours in global! That would be awesome!

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Put this conversation in #live due to the talk about the Live servers ;) . But yes, the reverse thrust is a little iffy in IF, perhaps we should make a feature request for better rev. thrust physics.

It is common on RJs because of the lower thrust but they also cause damage to terminal buildings if used with stronger engines (hint hint GE90-115B)