This should be integrated

Before loadimg , there should be highlighted area where your plane can fit at the gate(depending upon the size of your plane),
And non-highlighted where the plane can’t fit

In this BOTH pictures , it looks my plane will suck
All the objects

Just look at the catering truck

Location : San Francisco international (KSFO)


On the training and expert server, you will not be allowed to spawn into gates where you don’t fit at.
(Their marks will be in a red tone)

Did u take those pics on the Casual Server?


But sir , it didn’t show anything where I will fit , because in hurry for 2 hour flight, I forgot to Even glance/check where I would spawn

Who said server? , This happens BOTH server and solo

Well, I’d recommend checking what server you’re going to spawn at before making a flight.

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As @InfiniteFlight_Shots said, when you enter the Training, and Expert Servers, you will encounter many more restrictions and regulations. One of them is the feature you requested above. :)

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Yeah sure sir, this happens BOTH in server and solo

There are 3 servers:


If you spawn on the casual server or solo, you’ll be allowed to park at any gate.

Hey! Two things to note here:

  • The catering truck is actually in a safe (ish) position. You’re not supposed to start up your engines until you’ve pushed back well away from the gate.

  • Infinite Flight gates take aircraft that are one size larger than what is actually prescribed in the real world. Just something to be aware of.


But it should be a feature to prevent u from putting into inappropriate gste

Okay, what he means is, on the casual server, that is for learning, the rules aren’t enforced on CS. On solo, well, it’s the solo server, is is solely you.

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Casual Server, and Solo have no regulations. If you check out the description of each server on the app, it will give you a brief explanation of what the server is purposed towards. This should give you a hint of why Casual Server has not as many apparent regulations as Training, or Expert.

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I agree it would be nice to have gate restrictions, at least on the Solo “server”, but in casual server… it’s just not a good idea. That server is to have fun so realism is not a thing people care about on it.

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Yeah but in real life, these trucks and other objects don’t stay in this near to a engine,it should be atleast few metres away

I mean you could just respawn in a different gate ngl. Try the International gates they are made for Heavies

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Yeah, it atleast should highlight

Wdym? By this statement

Actually, they’re pretty close, if you observe IRL next time. The only time they move away is just before pushback. The rest of the time they’re quite close to the aircraft.

Since trucks and other object can’t move at this time in the sim, their default location is a safe place near the aircraft, so it’s realistic when you are parked :)

Just remember, those white lines are there for a reason!

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Yeah true sir, hopefully they will have animation like in RFS

Also you could guess the size of the gate by joe gar it’s is from the other gates around it

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