This post saved me from buying a new iPad

I had recently updated to the latest version of IF (3D). I use a 2017 iPad Pro.

My iPad’s performance had dramatically decreased despite playing around with graphics, rendering, fps etc. This didn’t really help much. Especially at a busy 3D airport!

I was about to purchase a new iPad as I was convinced that this was the problem until by chance I read the post below.

I didn’t even know that clearing RAM was a thing. Anyway, I tried this and its made a MASSIVE difference.

So if you have an iPad and experiencing reduced performance I would definitely recommend clearing your RAM.

Thank you @Zachary



Hey, Jay!

No worries at all! I am glad that you stumbled upon my post, saving you from shelling out hundreds of bucks.

In all fairness, however, my guide isn’t mine, per se. The steps were taken from a reply I saw on Apple’s Community Forum. I don’t remember the specific post/topic, as it was years ago, but you can access their forum by clicking on the blue text above. It’s a huge help and where I have retained most of my knowledge to this day. You should definitely check it out!

Nevertheless, I appreciate the shoutout. It’s folks like you that make this forum an enjoyable place.

See you around! ✈️🙌


Or you can use the most reliable source on the internet… Wikihow! Glad you saved him an iPad 😉.


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