This Plane Has Some Very Good Sight @ KVGT

Cirrus Vision Jet

pun title go brrrrr

This is a quick sneak peek of today’s KVGT spotting adventure, I will probably post a part two later but I really wanted to give this little bird its own topic, mainly because I love the plane itself and partly because I am a die-hard Cirrus guy.

Also note that this was my first time ever seeing a Vision Jet in the wild!

Time: 3:35 PM, PST
Airport: KVGT

At The FBO

Took this shot from the viewing deck about 15 feet above the ground.


Find her little brother :)

That’s all I have for now, enjoy!



I love the SF50 and all Cirrus aircraft but especially the SF50. It is actually my most flown aircraft in XPlane.

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Fun fact: that aircraft actually has a parachute

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One of the reasons I love Cirrus, they innovate so much!

I have a hanger at KHND and see this bird roll through every now and again. Nice shots!

also super brave of you to spend any time in northtown

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Putting a parachute in a GA aircraft: one of the most bone-headded moves by a manufacturer in a while!
I will gladly die on this hill

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