This plane flew right above my school

Hey IF community!

Just yesterday, this plane flew over my school:

This image is not zoomed in or out at all

I would love some help identifying what it is, where it was going, where it was coming from, and why it was so low!
The closest airfield is 9B1, a small class Echo airfield, but it’s runway is WAYYY to short for that plane. Next to that, the closest airfields are:

KBED: 14.66 Mi
1B6: 17.47 Mi
KFIT: 17.72 Mi
KORH 18.64 Mi
KOWD 21.64 Mi
KBOS: 26.98 Mi
However all those are too far for an aircraft to be that low and going to that airport.

If it helps, it occurred at 10:49 EST (15:49Z) on February 6th 2017. It was heading south.
Here are more pictures of it:

I’ve also uploaded a video I took of it to YouTube:

WARNING! This video does contain a word at the beginning that may be offensive to some.

Viewer discretion is advised.

If anyone can tell me any information about it, it would be much appreciated.
If you need anymore information, feel free to shoot me a PM.



Looks like a Globemaster


One time a BA 744 flew RIGHT over my school, maybe like 5,000 feet. I’ve never seen any plane fly over my school in the first place, so I almost fainted seeing that.


Well props fly over my school everyday. Some doing pattern at HHR


Definetly a C-17 Globemaster


It’s a C-17 Globemaster 3. Next step would be to find out if their is a base near you with a Globemaster squadron


C-17 Globemaster, do you live near a base? If not this is really weird.

My school is right next to the expressway. Nothing but LGA there ;)


I usually see SWA planes flying over my college.


Occasionally I get Southwest 737’s flying low over my house coming from the north on approach to Runway 24 at KISP.

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From the information you provided, it’s safe to assume that it most likely came from KBED. That airports has military operations occasionally and the airport is the closest to you hence why it was flying low.


Wow, really nice fly-over there bro! :)

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The link to the video isn’t working. Don’t put it in spoilers or else we can’t click on it or copy/paste it.

But I don’t understand why it would be at 300 ft for an airport 14 miles away

I fixed that issue with the link.

I’m no expert but it’s probably some sort of military training or pattern work.


I don’t think that it is at 300 feet probably higher


That’s how it was when I lived at military bases. In Tonker, Oklahoma, there was EWACs there (707/KC135 with Radar on top), Guam, there was everything from F18s to B2s, Travis C-5, C-17, and KC-10, and Ramstein C130s and a hodge lodge of others. I miss it now, not seeing them fly over. Cool that you got to see that.

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I usually see helicopters, props, and military planes over my school, but nothing like this. I would want to say a C-130/variant or Globemaster, but I’m not so sure.


Did somebody said the F-word ? 😵