This person taxied through me on expert

Can someone please like report this person because I know the report button in game doesn’t work this dude literally taxied through me because I was in front of him idk I guess he didn’t wanna wait so he ran me over basically, this is really unrealistic and inappropriate in this server I thought no one was like this in expert but I guess not can someone help me ghost this person? Btw the dude did this to me right after the atc in Cancun went offline this actuslly pissed me off and ruined my day image image

Send that to a moderator next time

PM a mod next time, don’t publicly expose this guy…

He probs not on IFC I can’t find him

You don’t know that? He could have a different IFC name?

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How about we do this close the phone tablet ect for the night and go chill. Your rant isn’t going over very well, things happen. It’s not the end of the world breathe.


Ight lemme just fly lol just 1 trip

How do I contact a mod

Click on any mod and hit the blue “message” button

Ok but how to find a mod do I just search up Mod

Any @moderators you want

Please PM @ moderators and one will get back to you as soon as possible.
(No space between moderators and the @)

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At least he probably won’t do it again.

It’s a game on mobile, this happens. As annoying as it is to those that take the game seriously it does happen. After the incident has occurred it is unlikely the mods will do anything about it. Chin up and move on with your day. Don’t let this get you down!


Big Matty speaks the truth. I’ve had it happen to me too, nothing you can do to change the past. Now you know what to do next time.


Maybe he disabled visibility of airplanes names and dots and your plane wasnt downloaded yet so he didn’t see you?

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Handled via PM